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  • Don’t let the dark hide your shine

    Don’t let the dark hide your shine. It’s harder to be the authentic you than what you perceive the you the world requires. Resist the temptation to give what you think is wanted of you and give what is really you. There is only one of you. Be the one, not the many.

  • Those long roads

    those long roads lead to many places.

  • Seek Hallowed Ground

    Seek Hallowed Ground

    Recharge. Replenish. Refresh. Relax.

  • Taking time to be awed

    Awe. Staggered and bewildered by the splendor of what one can experience. There is no fault to be found with the distracted that miss the mysteries abounding, surrounding them. Life is harried, worried and frantic. Equations get strange and unbalanced by the blurring illusions of importance and circumstance. Clarity falls victim to that serial abuser…

  • My first word was Batman

    My big brother is a huge influence. Ben helped shape my interests from the moment my parents brought me home. My baby book is proof. My first word was Batman. The story goes that my brother, who at the age of four was already a bonafide comic book fanatic, was beyond thrilled to welcome a…

  • My Soul is at risk

    My Soul is at risk

    Never in the need for a payroll. It’s tight like that. But while money is necessary it never drove me. To my detriment it seems. My soul is at risk because the devil he knows. Ole Scratch knows what I want as much as the Boss does. The boss says work, but that midnight rider,…

  • 18,165,963 Reasons I’m A Better Writer Today

    18,165,963 Reasons I’m A Better Writer Today

    That’s how many words good old Grammarly has checked for me over the past five years. And each word I type helps make me a better writer. Every keystroke taps me one letter closer to that goal. For better or worse, I’m already a writer. I’m just not doing that for any significant income. But,…

  • Value of Work

    The value of work is equal to the value of persistence in improving your craft.

  • Hot Water Dropped

    Hot water dropped on me from the steam stack I leaned against. The warm Florida sun was hot enough without the droplets of condensing steam peppering my bald spot and shoulders. As long as I could ignore it, I did. Watching from this perch, the moment didn’t escape me. This discomfort of the hot water…

  • Pecking to peck.

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