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  • Ghosts of ourselves

    The ghost of ourselves from a former time haunts our present

  • My Grandpa knew Smokey

    My Grandpa knew Smokey

    My Grandpa knew Smokey the Bear.

  • Value of Work

    The value of work is equal to the value of persistence in improving your craft.

  • Christ

    This is not a swear, no name in vain, or an exclamation. Christ is my life model, the measuring stick of my shortcoming. Over my lifetime I’ve watch the words Jesus Christ be assailed, defiled, twisted and devalued. While the truth of his teaching is immutable, it is ignored. You can scoff and you can…

  • Vinyl Therapy

  • It’s Time To Get Going

    It’s Time To Get Going

    It’s time to get going! Let’s create our way to freedom!

  • Sat Here Before

    Sat Here Before

    My joy overflows at who you are; I’ve sat here before.

  • Custom Sneaks: Finished and They Look Good

    Custom Sneaks: Finished and They Look Good

    Sunday, I started a new project. Customized Nike Dunk Lo’s painted in the colors of Baldwin Wallace College for a young man in my life that will be going there next year. He’s going to study physical therapy while playing football for them. So he needs some sweet kicks to represent his school. It took…

  • It’s Christmas, Are You Ready?

    It’s Christmas, Are You Ready?

    I’m always ready for Christmas. Didn’t use to be that way but after careful self-examination, I am now. I like the idea of focusing on giving, family and the good we can do in this world. I understand cynicism is easy, but I refuse to allow the crass commercialization of a holiday to move me…

  • Fear and Fury

    Fear and Fury

    For the first time in my life, I see it coming. The end is near. The rats have begun to eat each other as they fear to lose their existence. As the water rushes in, are you pushing someone off the lifeboat to secure your spot? Or are you falling into the peace of drowning…

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