Giving up the ghost

Slides by. That’s what time does, slicker than snot from a Boston terrier’s snoz. Looking back on all my stupid, and it’s a ponderous pile, I give up on worrying

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Quantity Produces Quality: Is This True?

“Quantity produces quality. If you only write a few things, you’re doomed.” Ray Bradbury The quote that I pulled this from comes from a most prolific writer of short stories

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Editing and More Fun!

I finished a short story today and I’m excited to edit it, tomorrow. I’m digging short stories. Fun to write and not so painful to edit! So hoping to submit

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The Next Big Thing: Dispassionate

Interest and engagement take energy, lots of it. Its stressful, anxiety ridden and often frustrating. Passion pounds fists on tables and demands. It requires work, effort, and devotion. You rally,

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