Lived A Dream

Lived a dream for six weeks. The dream is on pause today. Today I got up at 4:30 am, packed my lunch, had a protein shake, filled the thermos, put

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Hard Questions: What author influenced you the most?

I just sent out another query for my middle-grade manuscript. I was flying through the usual parts. Even the agent research didn’t take long. Theoretically, it would be a good

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Another Blow, Another Arrow

Maybe it is delusional, a crazy belief that I wrote a good book, one worth sharing. It might be, but I’m working for that manuscript to be published traditionally. I

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The Dreaded Oops

You know it’s perfect. Double-checked, triple-checked, revised, and reviewed. Free of errors and ready to send, you take one final look at your query. It is perfect. You hit send,

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I Feel Like Lloyd Christmas

Slivers, like a piece of birthday cake, thinly sliced, is doled out as I hit the button with the word submit. That thin, almost nothing, the slice, a morsel of

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