I Had A Good Day. Even If The Bookends Sucked.

Yesterday, I had a good day. It was productive and I felt emboldened. It started poorly and ended on the same note, poo. That didn’t diminish the productiveness of the

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The Dreaded Oops

You know it’s perfect. Double-checked, triple-checked, revised, and reviewed. Free of errors and ready to send, you take one final look at your query. It is perfect. You hit send,

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The Best Way To Kill Yourself

Suicide. It’s a hot topic these days. Everyone wants everyone else not to take their own life. You google the best ways to kill yourself, and all that comes up

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I Feel Like Lloyd Christmas

Slivers, like a piece of birthday cake, thinly sliced, is doled out as I hit the button with the word submit. That thin, almost nothing, the slice, a morsel of

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Out Go The Queries

That feeling. Finger hovering over the mouse, eyes rereading everything you wrote, deep breath, click the mouse, and the query disappears into the internet ether. Welcome to anxiety, scrutiny, self-doubt,

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