Giving up the ghost

Slides by. That’s what time does, slicker than snot from a Boston terrier’s snoz. Looking back on all my stupid, and it’s a ponderous pile, I give up on worrying

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Masterclass for writers

I’m always looking to improve my writing. That means reading a lot, but there are more things that you need that you can’t get from just reading all the great

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Lived A Dream

Lived a dream for six weeks. The dream is on pause today. Today I got up at 4:30 am, packed my lunch, had a protein shake, filled the thermos, put

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New Stuff! HELL INDUSTRIES, INC. and the ctpODDcast

Hell Industries, Inc. soft-launched today with a topical single-panel comic strip. More are coming, they will be multi-panel and usually in color. I was tired of sitting on the idea

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Does Hard Work Matter?

People working to create the world they want put in so much work that is unseen. Hours and hours of effort happen without compensation. It’s about readiness. No goal is

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Who’s Tired?

Who’s Tired? Waking up at five in the morning and diving into a vat of coffee is the only way I’m functional. Weary and weak, facing the span ahead to

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