New Stuff! HELL INDUSTRIES, INC. and the ctpODDcast

Hell Industries, Inc. soft-launched today with a topical single-panel comic strip. More are coming, they will be multi-panel and usually in color. I was tired of sitting on the idea

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The Dreaded Oops

You know it’s perfect. Double-checked, triple-checked, revised, and reviewed. Free of errors and ready to send, you take one final look at your query. It is perfect. You hit send,

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Who’s Tired?

Who’s Tired? Waking up at five in the morning and diving into a vat of coffee is the only way I’m functional. Weary and weak, facing the span ahead to

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The Best Way To Kill Yourself

Suicide. It’s a hot topic these days. Everyone wants everyone else not to take their own life. You google the best ways to kill yourself, and all that comes up

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My Wanderlust Is Genetic

Never settled. Never felt any permanence. Never thought I was a finished product. I could not get out of my hometown, Lucas, Ohio, fast enough. Not that it was a

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Scattered Like Water Bugs

My mind goes in so many directions at times. It’s hard to keep things straight. Writing, drawing, and creative endeavors are the only time I can focus on a singular

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