GDC Radio

10385490_781172178601609_1967970626836105188_nThis here page is dedicated to my old radio show, The Grand Dark Conspiracy. It started as a monthly podcast, then to a weekly online radio show, then two shows a week, and finally landing on terrestrial radio five nights a week. Overall the journey was amazing. The people I spoke and interacted with opened up the world to me. It showed me that I could, in fact, connect and interact with people from every walk of life. The audience was growing all the way up to the end, reaching thousands nightly.

I read a thousand books on a myriad of topics and spoke with the writers. I learned a bit about the media business. I dealt with authors, publicists, agents and publishing houses. I got to peek behind the curtain. I talked with tons of great authors about their books, interests and an assortment of strange and interesting topics.

You can check out a selection of some of my favorites here below. I will be cycling out programs periodically, so if you want to keep one forever, download it while it’s available.

February 5, 2015

Interview with Natasha Scharf about her book, “The Art of Goth”.


January 8, 2015

Interview with Martin Popoff about his book, “Steal Away The Night”.


121114December 11, 2014
Interview with Dwight Jon Zimmerman about his graphic novel, “AREA 51”.


22405985_1646666598718825_7502638569957802912_nOctober 8, 2014
Interview with Robert Damon Schneck about his book, “Mrs. Wakeman and the Anti-Christ”.


22448238_1646666188718866_985395687315244387_nAugust 14, 2014
Interview with Stacey Graham about her book, “Haunted Stuff”.



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