All The Answers

What do you mean I’m living my life wrong?

All the answers. That’s what I got. All them answers. Just ask me, I got ’em. I’ll tell you about life and how to get to where I am. I know those answers to the questions you never asked.

My wisdom is greater than Solomon’s. My intellect is a Giant Sun compared to Einstein’s dwarf star. Relatively speaking, I can psychoanalyse you better than Freud on a cocaine binge. Recognize your archetype and develop you faster than Jung. How could you doubt me?

The mountaintop? I can take you to the peak of Everest like a sherpa from Shangri-La. I can help you find the Northwest Passage of your dream like a Super Sacagawea in the frontiers of your Mississippi. I can help you be so much more than you are. You just need to listen to my words. Follow my example, and all the happiness and success you could imagine will come to you.

How? By heeding the golden nuggets of my advice for your life. Why? Look at me; I am so much more evolved and successful than you. I am, simply put, superior.

Except, here we are at the same level in the same place at the same time. Maybe you know as much about life as I do? Maybe all my answers are not for anyone but me.

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