Barrel of Books and Games

Barrel of Books and Games

Book Mark from Barrel of Books and Games bookstore in Mount Dora, Florida

I’m not hiding from the fact that I love visiting small bookstores. So many treasures in these establishments. Not long ago, I wrote about one such place on my blog, which sadly disappeared into the mists of time. You can read that here, An Old Book of Folklore and Other Treasures.

This weekend, I opened up a copy of “Call of the Wild,” and this bookmark (pictured above) was stuck inside. Immediately, I was walking among the shelves of this beautiful little shop. We came across this little beauty in our travels in Florida. While visiting family in a neighboring city, we took a trip to the historic town of Mount Dora. Its door invited us inside. Now, it’s a tradition, we go to Mount Dora, we find treasures at the Barrel of Books and Games.

I miss it right now. With current world events, stuck inside, trapped under the gray skies of Ohio, there are few places I’d rather be than walking in Mount Dora. I wish I was buying another book from this great independent bookstore.

I look forward to shopping here again, when we can all travel free and unconcerned. God bless all the indie book stores out there and this one specifically. They are the lifeblood of authors and the distributors of dreams to the readers.


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