Research Dump: The Publication of Bram Stoker’s Dracula

The most famous vampire novel ever written was published on May 16, 1897 by the Archibold Constable and Company Publishing house in the United Kingdom. The book itself was presented with a mustard color cover with the title and author name feature in red. In 1899 the United States of America was introduced to the eponymous villian with an edition by the Doubleday and McClure of New York imprint. Largely, considered to be the quintessential vampire tale, the vanguard so many after built upon. The book is has been in public domain since 1962, 50 years after the death of its author Bram Stoker.

The novel’s narrative is expounded in an epistolary fashion offering multiple first person perspectives through letters, diary entries, telegrams, sometime presenting different ideas about same events and sometimes a non-linear narrative. It was an en vogue technique at the time Dracula was written. It seems to have fallen out of fashion.


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