A New Work Starts: Always Be Writing

Keep creating. Keep pushing against limitations. Keep working. Keep going. Moving forward is the only way to arrive at a destination. My list of things to do will keep growing. This is a journey I will be on until I exhale my last breath. Not to be too dramatic, but the fact remains, I will create, write until I can no longer lift a hand.

The list of To-Do grows. It can’t shrink, unless I quit. For now it is query, edit, write, promote, find my space in the writing community, create, and repeat the process. It’s a daily occurrence, my duty to myself. I am the only person that will make my dreams real.

My next novel has begun. It is new ground and old ground for me. One quality I possess that others may not is my perspective to see angles and possibilities that other either won’t or ignore. This novel is a reflection of that, maybe more than the others. Fingers crossed, it works.

With some elbow grease and perseverance, perhaps I will be agented or published before I complete it. Who knows? Whatever the case, I will be putting in the work. I will continue to create, fulfilling the reason I’m on this Sewer Ball floating in the cosmos.

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