Short Story Time

I’ve prioritized short fiction for the time being. Just finished a short story I will be submitting as soon as the editing process is complete. After that I will be writing another one. Not planning on putting out an anthology or the like. Just working on some nice little horror ditties. With so many opportunities to find readership in this avenue, I’m going to write a few and see where they land. Fingers cross. Published.

Once this itch is scratched another novel, I’m sure. But for not the gratification of short fiction is quite nice. Rather than months before hone and editing, it’s days. A few thousand words is not much, but it makes each word more crucial. So the next few days I will be editing and focused on that.

It also allows me to step back and query my completed novels. Must keep writing!

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  1. Yeah, going from novels to short stories can be a nice change of pace sometimes, especially after we’re used to spending months or years to complete one project. It’s nice to be able to churn out a couple in a week instead. Thanks for sharing!

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