Motivation: Why Is It So Hard?

Have you ever lacked the inclination to fulfill a task? Why is it so hard on somedays more than others to find the will to do what needs done? As a creative type, no doubt you are full of things that you can see in your minds eye and want to pull out of your gray matter into the real world. Your unique, so are your ideas. Only one person can create as you do. So why is it sometimes the motivation is lacking?

Some just need a kick in the butt with their morning shower or coffee, others may need more. A lot of things can get in the way of your goals. Life is rough. The world is distracting. Sometimes our body chemistry sets up roadblocks. You need that something to get you rolling toward creating that thing only you can do.

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Excuses come in all shades and hues, variants disguised as chores, social media, news, sleep. We have them tucked away. They are easy and convenient and because they distract from work, we often allow them to prevent us from doing what we ultimately want. It’s harder to reach for something than to keep our hands in our pockets.

Why is motivation so hard? Because we never worked our hopes into habit. Its a law of physics, but it applies to creativity as well, bodies in motion stay in motion, bodies at rest stay at rest. Once we step back, relax, and stop moving, it increases the likelihood of staying put. Habits, when one’s not properly motivated, keep us in motion.

So on a day where you lack the energy to start moving again, think about what it means to stay at rest. Start to form habits around what you want to accomplish and do it, everyday, every single day. Once its in your program, you will follow the program. Motivation, its hard to always be motivated, but its not hard to follow your habits. Keep moving.


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