Working Toward Upcoming Events

16257890I’ve been busy. I’ve done a complete teardown and rebuild of my first book in a planned series. It’s been intensive and all-consuming. Outside walks and the obligations of my life I’ve done little outside of that. Not a lot of diversion just work. This grind is in prep for upcoming conferences I will be attending.

April 28th I will be attending my first writers’ conference, the 35th Annual Western Reserve Writers Conference. I’m dipping my big toe into the pool, I think. While agents will be on premises I won’t be assailing them with my manuscript or stalking them. They may get a business card prior to a query submission at a later date. I’m going to this to get a feel for it and to help my craft. If I can learn one thing from this, it will be worth it.

I’ve learned a lot through this process and feel my writing has improved. I possess a stronger grasp of where I am as a writer. As G.I. Joe would say, knowing is half the battle. That’s the point of going to the first conference. Learn what it’s like to be amongst peers and get a feeling for interaction with agents. The assessment will be ongoing during the event from the attire I should wear, how to interact with other authors and agents as well as how much I should anticipate gaining from attending such events.

In June, I will travel to Chicago to attend another conference. The 2018 Writing Workshop of Chicago will be offering a bigger opportunity. I have agent pitches set up and here I will be actively attempting to sell my book. I’m doubling down on polishing my work and going against my nature and becoming social to achieve the incomprehensible, finding a home for my beloved characters.

Fingers crossed. I’m hoping for a lot of growth as a writer that will lead to a home for my work. I will share my experiences here after each event, for those who are curious about what these conferences are like.

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