It’s Not Fair

It’s not fair. I hate those words. Those words do more damage than just about any other. It’s not fair really means why did I not get what I want. It’s the attitude of a spoiled child that leads to tantrums. It’s a festering self-pitying rally cry for fools. It’s not fair, and what are you going to do about it?

The thought that everything should be fair and equal is, simply put, stupid. Get over it and move on. Don’t whine about it, do something about it. Trapped inside the thought of fairness is the belief that you shouldn’t work harder to get what you want, that you’re so unique that it should be recognized, and things should be easy. Stop. Work. If that doesn’t bring you what you want, work more.

The “it’s-not-fair” virus is a contagion of malcontents, it spreads it’s negative outlook to others. The time spent crying about equity of life’s bounty could be used to change fortunes for yourself. You ever notice that the successful folks out there aren’t so concerned about what’s fair? They’re too busy to worry about what’s their fair share because they are working towards their goals.

Guess what, you don’t get perfect. Luckily, most of us don’t understand what we deserve. We get what we get regardless of whether it’s our fair share or not. You have more control over what you end up with than you may realize. Don’t wait for the universe to give you anything, go get it. Make it happen. Don’t wait, don’t look around at other folks and worry about what they have. Tunnel vision focus at your end goal will keep you blind of distractions.

If you stop worrying about why you don’t have something you dream about and voraciously go after ignoring the noise around you, you may achieve that goal no matter how improbable. Work hard and stay focused. Don’t fall into the trap of self-pity. Work more and push forward always, and you will lose the illusion of it’s not fair. It is never fair. It is. And that’s something that you make.

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