The End Is Nigh!

Quick! Everyone Panic! The end is nigh! The heavens are aflame and the earth trembles below. Say goodbye to our loved ones, buy all the toilet paper, drench every inch of flesh in hand sanitizer. Chicken Little Lives!


We could act reasonably. Follow protocols we should already follow. Live our lives as we should, free of panic, not worrying about hypothetical scenarios. Fiction is walking our world right now, let’s put that bugger back in books where the jerk belongs. Grab the dial of the hyperbole machine and turn it down a few notches, please. Turn off the fear mongers on the TV and ask your neighbors how they are doing.

We just need to step back, see the sky is not plummeting, and react to situations accordingly. Be respectful, be reasonable, and be clean. Chicken Little may be screaming the end is nigh, but you don’t need to join the chorus.

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