Custom Sneaks: Something New

Yesterday, I did something new. A different canvas and an old skill. I customized a pair of sneakers. Bought some Nike Dunk Lo’s and a whole lot of stuff from Angelus paints. And for the most of the day, I sat at the table and painted shoes while listening to the Crafsman on Youtube.

Blank Canvas – The Before Picture

All white shoes and a myriad of colors with the possibilities endless. I will say that I enjoyed doing this and after a few touchups, I will be finished with my first pair of custom sneakers. It was a pleasant creative departure. I am thankful for the nudge that had me sitting at the table for hours, quietly painting.

While, I painted in the past this was an interesting experience. What other creative outlets do you engage in when not focused on you primary? I try several. Its not a lack of focus, but more, a pointing your creativity in a fresh direction. I feel it helps expand your view of how to be creative and what is possible.

I’ll be posting the after here, most likely tomorrow. Feel free to let me know what you think.

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