Those long roads

Looking as the asphalt stretches over and through and under, those long roads lead to many places. U-turns, curves, switch backs, hills, hollers, bridges, traffic, construction. Hard to tell where one may find themselves.

Those long roads

That’s why there are so many metaphors about roads. Those long roads. We are stuck in a straight line and always move along that line. That line is the fourth dimension, time. It seems like a path we travel.

And because we can see to far down the road, traveling through time is an adventure. The word adventure is most appropriate because adventure is just another word for scary events you experience.

Grip the wheel of your machine and be ready for the ride you won’t survive. For a highway with no safe exits offers plenty of bumps, beautiful vistas, slippery pavement and one final stop. It’s up to you how you take the ride along those long roads

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