Tuesdays Going

I’m ready for the week to be over, how about you? Working the week is overrated and just about all I can take. Not trying to be ungrateful about my job, but it’s always in the way to better things. Work happens, get home, work on my real joys, prepare dinner, spend a little time with my person, and the cycle begins again. It’s frustrating and just plain silly to be on repeat like this.

This leads to so much self-doubt and anxiety. Is my work crap? Am I wasting my time focused on something that is so improbable? Will my people ever get rewarded for their faith in me? We all swallow hard when these questions pop up in the middle of the night, like some apparition that’s feeding off your fears. At least, I do. I don’t feel I’m alone in this.

Small successes are essential but it doesn’t take long for the ghost to return and keep me up at night. It moans and rattles chains as I toss and turn, hoping to exorcise it.

As Tuesday drains its sands to the bottom of the glass, I’m feeling the pressure fearing another day of fruitless effort and another night wondering if I can do enough. Tuesday’s Going? Did I even make a dent in my list?


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