My first word was Batman

My big brother is a huge influence. Ben helped shape my interests from the moment my parents brought me home. My baby book is proof. My first word was Batman.

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Giving up the ghost

Slides by. That’s what time does, slicker than snot from a Boston terrier’s snoz. Looking back on all my stupid, and it’s a ponderous pile, I give up on worrying

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Masterclass for writers

I’m always looking to improve my writing. That means reading a lot, but there are more things that you need that you can’t get from just reading all the great

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Hard Questions: What author influenced you the most?

I just sent out another query for my middle-grade manuscript. I was flying through the usual parts. Even the agent research didn’t take long. Theoretically, it would be a good

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A Classic Grand Dark Conspiracy Episode

If you follow the blog, you know I’m working on updating my available free download for my old radio show, Grand Dark Conspiracy, just giving anyone who wants to a

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Only So Many Days In The Sun

Today the sun shined. Made some coffee, made breakfast, made bubbles for the dogs to chase, waited for computer meetings, fought clan wars, cleaned the puppies. It’s only three pm.

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